Regulatory List Counsel

Six Pump Court has two standing counsel and a further ten members on the Regulatory List of Counsel used by the Health & Safety Executive, the Office of Rail Regulation and the Environment Agency – more than any other chambers.

Please find below a list of members of Six Pump Court who are on the official Regulatory Lists.


Standing Counsel to the Health and Safety Executive and the Office of Rail Regulation

Mark Harris

Pascal Bates

Both are also ‘A’ List Counsel for the Environment Agency, which has no standing counsel.


Regulatory List of Counsel for HSE, ORR and the Environment Agency

 A List:

William Upton

Mark Watson

Richard Banwell

Christopher Badger

B List:

Megan Thomas

Gordon Menzies


C List:

Simon Taylor

Nicholas Ostrowski


The Regulatory List is not open to Queen’s Counsel (who are selected on a case by case basis when required by HSE, ORR and EA).  However, many of the Queen’s Counsel at Six Pump Court were, whilst still juniors, on various of the Attorney-General’s lists of junior counsel which preceded the establishment of the Regulatory List and all still accept instructions to prosecute as well as to defend.