Equality & Diversity

Equality and Diversity in Chambers

Chambers is committed to eliminating discrimination and to the promotion of equality and diversity.

A copy of Chambers’ Equality and Diversity Policy may be viewed here.

Chambers recognises that in order to ensure the effective implementation of its Policy it must regularly monitor diversity data. In accordance with the Code of Conduct the data we collect on our Chambers is available (in anonymised form) here.

An Equality and Diversity Officer and a Diversity Data Officer are appointed in Chambers. Lee Bennett is our Equality and Diversity Officer and Grace Cullen is our Diversity Data Officer.

The Management Committee always considers equality and diversity matters when it meets as does Chambers as a whole.

We are an equal opportunities employer and is committed to diversity amongst its members and staff. We encourage and welcome applications from women, people of minority ethnic origin and people with disabilities, as well as candidates from other groups which are underrepresented in the legal sector.

If for any reason you have a concern about Chambers’ provision with regard to equality and diversity please bring it to the attention of the Senior Clerk in the first instance for immediate attention.