Nina Ellin

Call: 1994


“A committed and conscientious advocate. She is robust in legal arguments.”

Legal 500 [2022]

“A highly effective and no-nonsense advocate.”

Legal 500 2017


Grade 4 CPS panel Advocate (London and South East)
Grade 4 CPS Serious Crime Panel
CPS rape specialist
Regulatory List – Care Quality Commission (List B)
Legal Assessor at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
Approved Advocacy and the Vulnerable Facilitator Inner Temple
Approved Pupil Supervisor


LLB (King’s College London)
Maîtrise en droit français (Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne)



Nina Ellin is an experienced specialist criminal practitioner who undertakes both prosecution and defence work across all areas of the criminal spectrum, including cases involving murder, manslaughter and serious violence; serious sexual misconduct; organised criminal activities such as the supply drugs, robbery and fraud.

She has acted in high profile cases involving the murder of young children including as junior prosecution counsel in the trial involving the murder of 6 year old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and the murder of two young children by their mother (case of Porton).

She has conducted many trials both for the defence and prosecution in cases involving serious sexual offences. These have involved child familial abuse (recent and historic), stranger attacks, abuse of trust involving professionals/persons in a position of authority and gang related sexual abuse. Witnesses have included very young children, teenagers and young people, mentally disordered and vulnerable adults. She has used intermediaries on many occasions and is extremely experienced in handling sensitive cases.

Nina Ellin has also prosecuted and defended in cases involving various local authorities in relation to unfair trade practices, conspiracy to defraud and Housing Act offences.

She has been appointed as a Legal Assessor to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and has experience in the field of professional disciplinary work.


Cases Undertaken

R v Case [2022]
Successful prosecution of a man for controlling coercive behaviour and assault in relation to his partner over years.
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R v Williams [2021]
Successful prosecution of a man who attacked an elderly female with a chisel in her own home, ransacking and burgling her home, sexually assaulting her, and tying her to a chair before leaving.
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R v Hughes & Tustin [2021]
Junior prosecution counsel, led by Jonas Hankin QC, in relation to the unlawful death of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, who was subjected to appalling ill-treatment and cruelty prior to his death, including deprivation of food, forced standing, violence, isolation and salt poisoning. Tustin was convicted following an 8-week trial of murder and Hughes of manslaughter resulting from a significant and traumatic head injury inflicted by Tustin. She was sentenced to life with a minimum of 29 years and Hughes was sentenced to 21 years. In his sentencing remarks Mr Justice Wall said the case was one of the most distressing and disturbing cases he had ever had to deal with.
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R v R [2021]
Successful prosecution of a father for the historical sexual abuse of his daughter when she was aged 6.

R v Grigg [2020]
Successful prosecution of a police officer for sexual assaulting a young police cadet whilst in his care.
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R v Bryant [2020]
Junior Counsel led by Oliver Saxby QC in a murder trial of a disabled pensioner in his own home. The victim was bludgeoned to death with various weapons including a hammer and meat cleaver and his body was set alight. The defendant initially denied murder and a trial took place involving substantial medical, forensic, CCTV, witness and other evidence. Close to the end of the prosecution case, the defendant pleaded guilty to manslaughter and arson and in due course he pleaded guilty to murder. He was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 28 years imprisonment.
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R v Bley and Others [2020]
Successful prosecution of four males charged with knife point robbery at a home address where they broke the door down and stole items including money, jewellery and cannabis.
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R v Iqbal [2020]
Successful prosecution of a man found importing £1 million worth of cocaine in his Subaru Imprezza. He denied knowledge of the drugs and gave an account of having travelled to the Nurburgring. He was shown to have lied about his journey to the Continent. He had in fact driven to Rotterdam to collect the drugs.
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R v S & Others [2020]
Leading defence counsel in eight-handed conspiracy to defraud and money laundering in relation to the sale, supply and fit of solar power products. Successful submission of no case to answer, which was initially appealed by the Crown before being withdrawn by them and the defendant being acquitted of all charges.

R v Porton [2019]
Junior counsel led by Oliver Saxby QC in a murder trial of a mother accused of murdering her two children aged 17 months and 3 years. Mother was convicted of both murders and sentenced to life with a minimum term of 32 years.
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R v Pond [2019]
Successful prosecution of a man who sexually assaulted a female following New Years Eve drinks.
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R v L [2019]
Successfully prosecuted a man who conducted a campaign of rape and sexual abuse against a female aged between 10 and 20. He was jailed for 21 years with a 5 year extended licence.
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R v Sandulache [2019]
Successfully prosecuted a lorry driver for causing death by dangerous driving, who was involved in a fatal collision whilst watching a TV programme on his phone.
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R v Belovas [2019]
Defended a member of a gang involved in a BMW car part conspiracy.
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R v Ali [2019]: Successfully prosecuted a retired GP in relation to a sexual assault of a family friend and former patient.
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R v Tamakloe and Others [2018]: Lead prosecuting counsel in the final series of trials (17 defendants in total) relating to a conspiracy to rob and firearms allegations arising from a violent planned robbery of a traveller site by gangs from the south east. The men involved were masked and carrying an array of weapons including firearms as they entered the site and tied up and threatened the occupants including children. The case was factually complex and there were thousands of pages of evidence. It involved phone and cell site evidence, items found at the scene and other locations, ANPR, forensic and other evidence.
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R v Obasa and Others [2018]: Prosecution counsel in a case involving the sexual assault of a young female at a party, who was extremely drunk and unconscious at times. She was sexually assaulted and filmed in a state of undress and being abused. She was also urinated on by a males, including Obasa. The defendant Obasa admitted the offence of sexual assault during cross-examination and pleaded guilty to that count during the trial. The footage obtained was shared around with others on social media.
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R v Cato and Gordon [2018]: Prosecuted a case concerning a targeted burglary of a flat and theft of a number of valuable items form the flat of a reality star, including car keys and then a Mercedes car, parked in the parking space underneath the flats. There was gratuitous ransacking and damage caused to items of property and the fabric of the flat itself.
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R v H [2018]: Successfully defended a former Detective Inspector following allegations of sexual assault on a female he met through The couple ended up back at his flat, where there were references made to Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey. The complainant made allegations of rough kissing, spitting in her mouth, grabbing her face and twisting her nose, as well as other serious sexual assaults described as rough and painful.
There were significant factual differences between the allegations made and the defendant’s account and the trial also raised issues of BDSM and consent. There were also significant failings in the police investigation and in relation to disclosure.
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R v B [2018]: Successfully defended a retired senior fire fighter charged with historic allegations of rape and serious sexual assault. The allegations dated back 30-40 years.

R v M [2017]: Successfully defended an Albanian illegal immigrant charged with sexual offences, where part of his defence was that he was not in the UK at the material time. It was necessary to call a Greek legal expert to demonstrate that Greek documents which he had in his possession had been obtained in Greece by him, at a time when it was said he was in the UK, and to support his alibi.

R v Y [2016]: Successfully defended a 72 year old man charged with sexual offences against his niece during the 1970s.

R v Leppard & Others [2016]: Successfully prosecuted a young male for the rape of a female who was unconscious through drink, which was videoed by her friend on a mobile phone.
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R v Stilwell & Stribling [2016]: Prosecuted two men charged with facilitating the illegal entry into the UK of 18 people on a RHIB dingy.
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R v WM [2016]: Successfully defended a 75 year old man charged with offences of indecent assault on a male and buggery dating back to the late 1970’s.

R v B [2016]: Successfully defended a man charged with cruelty (neglect) relating to an occasion when he was visiting his girlfriend’s home and her young child went missing.

R v Jackson [2016]: Successfully prosecuted a builder charged with fraud and unfair trade practice offences related to the overcharging of elderly home-owners for poor quality or non-existent repairs to their homes. Sentence was appealed, see: [2017] EWCA Crim 78.

R v B [2015]: Successfully defended a 69 year old man facing serious sexual allegations made by his step-daughter dating back to the 1970s. Although now an adult, the complainant required the assistance of an intermediary during her evidence.

R v T [2015]:  Successfully prosecuted (as junior counsel to Philippa McAtasney QC) a father charged with serious sexual offences, including rape against his wife, and natural daughters, who both had significant mental health difficulties by the time of the hearing and required the use of an intermediary – one of them becoming selectively mute during the trial.

R v Ward & Others [2014]: Successfully prosecuted (as junior counsel to John O’Higgins) a 14 handed conspiracy to defraud and money laundering, involving a scam on multiple elderly victims resulting in over £250,000 worth of money being defrauded.
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R v Adesanya [2014]: Successful prosecution of a fashion stylist accused of fraud and theft from multiple victims of high value jewellery loaned to him under the false pretext of it being used for fashion shoots for specific magazines.
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R v Molloy [2014]: Successful defence of a lorry driver accused of importing 360 kg of cannabis into the UK.

R v Hassan [2014]: Successful prosecution of a young male for attempted rape of a drunken female in the grounds of a block of flats in south London, where the issue was consent.

R v JF [2014]: Successfully responded on behalf of the CPS to the appeal against sentence which followed the defendant’s conviction for the sexual assault of a profoundly deaf victim (see below): Reported – R v JF [2014] EWCA Crim 1034.

R v JF [2013]: Junior prosecution counsel (to Eleanor Laws QC) in a case concerning sexual allegations involving a victim with profound deafness, learning difficulties and severe communication problems. Two intermediaries working together were required in order to enable the victim to give evidence and parameters for cross-examination were set during an extensive ground rules hearing.

R v S [2013]: Defended a young adult male who was found unfit to plead and stand trial in relation to allegations of rape and sexual misconduct made by two boys.
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R v B [2013]: Prosecuted allegations of historic rape and sexual misconduct on a female from the age of under 13 years into adulthood (prosecuting counsel – trial). Defendant convicted and received 17 years.
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R v S [2013]: Successfully defended a mother charged with child cruelty (neglect) when her four month old son received severe head injuries at the hands of his father (leading defence counsel – trial).

R v P [2013]: Defended allegations of assault by penetration and sexual assault of a girl under 10 by her mother’s boyfriend (defendant acquitted).

R v Heffer [2013]: Successful appeal to the Court of Appeal against sentence for ABH – reported at [2013] EWCA Crim 253.

R v M [2012]: Defended a rape allegation concerning a brother and sister (aged under 16), where the defence was consent. The defendant was acquitted after trial.

R v H [2012]: Successfully prosecuted the natural grandfather of a 9 year old autistic girl in relation to sexual allegations. The use of an intermediary was required at trial.

R v E [2012]: Successful prosecution in relation to allegations of kidnap and sexual assault by a stranger on a 13 year old girl (prosecution).

R v Sivakumar [2011]: Fraud in breach of trust by an employee using customer credit cards (defence). Successfully appealed sentence to the Court of Appeal, reported at [2011] EWCA Crim 1594.

R v Parker and Steele [2010]: Causing death by dangerous driving (trial – prosecution).
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Nina Ellin has been approved as a Facilitator for the Advocacy and the Vulnerable training programme and facilitates at training days at the Inner Temple. She also acted as group leader at an advocacy training weekend at Highgate House in May 2019 run by Inner Temple.

Nina has lectured to the CPS RASSO unit in Kent as well as to local solicitors and colleagues on matters relating to vulnerable victims, the use of intermediaries and ground rules.

She has spoken at the “Child and Adolescent Health and Wellbeing: Safeguarding Children from Sexual Exploitation” symposium hosted by the  Public Policy Exchange in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and at the Public Policy Exchange Event on Serious and Organised Crime in 2016.

She has also lectured at the Child Safeguarding Conference hosted by the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine in relation to evidence and forensic issues.

Nina Ellin taught on the Bar Vocational Course between 2007 and 2009. She has a Certificate in Academic Practice (City University, London) in 2009.

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