13 Nov 2018

John O’Higgins, Nina Ellin and Daniel Stevenson – successful prosecution of a targeted attack on travellers’ site in Kent

The case involved a masked gang, armed with machetes, knives, crow-bars and cable ties, who launched an attack on dwellings in a travellers’ site in Lenham, Kent in 2016.

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10 Sep 2018

Acquittal in multi-million pound cocaine importation and supply case

Defendant accused of being the leading figure in an organised crime group has been acquitted on all charges.

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06 Mar 2018

Acquittal in shooting case

Russell Broughton was accused of a punishment shooting which involved the shooting of a man in the legs with a sawn-off shotgun at point blank range.

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25 Apr 2016

John O'Higgins appears for the defence in contract killing case

John O'Higgins, instructed by Reeds Solicitors, Oxford, represents Frank Warren who is accused of conspiracy to murder and attempted murder. Click here for news coverage of the case  

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29 Feb 2016

Conviction in historic sex abuse case

A manager of a Scout campsite near Chatham has been convicted of the sexual abuse of 3 children which took place over 30 years ago. John O'Higgins prosecuted in this two week trial and the defendant was convicted on 13 out of 14 counts of sexual abuse that were alleged against him. Further...

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05 Oct 2015

Man found guilty of ordering his wife to kill her family

In this case, a man who had amassed a large collection of firearms and with a history of domestic violence, has been convicted of ordering his wife to kill her family who were living in Hong Kong. He had threatened to kill their son if she failed. Hon Cheong Chu was found guilty on 22 charges at...

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25 Jun 2015

Acquittal in revenge murder case

Richard Barraclough QC and John O'Higgins, instructed by Lahiff & co, have secured an acquittal for the defendant in a revenge killing which involved the execution of a rival drug dealer in Woolwich. This was a three-defendant drugs gang related revenge killing in which the defendants were...

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18 Feb 2015

John O'Higgins prosecutes mother accused of killing son by administering her prescribed morphine

John O'Higgins is prosecuting in a case where a mother is accused of killing her son by administering her prescribed morphine to him, whilst he was drunk. The medicine was her own prescribed pain relief medicine, oramorph and she gave her son shots of the drug by squirting a syringe, containing the...

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11 Feb 2015

John O'Higgins and Simon Taylor appear in Gillingham Football Club Rape Case

John O'Higgins prosecutes and Simon Taylor defends in the case of the former professional footballer, Nathan Nyafli, who is accused of raping a female in the penthouse apartment owned by the chairman of Gillingham Football Club in May of last year. The case is expected to last 5 days. Read...

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12 Dec 2014

Unlawful act manslaughter count withdrawn from jury in Cling Film Case

Following legal submissions by the defence at the close of the Crown's case, the count of unlawful act manslaughter has been withdrawn from the jury in R v Bowler and Connor in which John O'Higgins and Oliver Saxby QC are defending, the case involving the death of a man called Alun Williams...

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02 Dec 2014

John O'Higgins and Oliver Saxby QC defend in Clingfilm Death case

The trial of two men charged over the death of P & O chef Alun Williams commenced on Monday. Richard Bowler and his carer David Connor are accused of the manslaughter of Mr Williams, who had an interest in sado-masochism and mummification. Oliver Saxby QC and John O'Higgins are defending....

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27 Nov 2014

John O'Higgins, leading Nina Ellin successfully prosecute in a fraud case where elderly victims were defrauded of over £250,000

John O'Higgins and Nina Ellin have successfully prosecuted 13 defendants in a fraud case where elderly victims were defrauded of over £250,000. The charges involved the systematic targetting of particularly vulnerable elderly victims who were deceived into believing that their properties needed...

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04 Apr 2014

John O'Higgins opens the case for the prosecution in the case of Lee Birch accused of murdering his ex-wife

John O'Higgins has opened the case for the prosecution in the case of Lee Birch accused of murdering his ex-wife after flouting court orders banning him from contacting her. The trial is being heard at Maidstone Crown Court. Click here for news coverage of the case

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20 Mar 2013

The murder trial of Sarah Ripley (Oliver Saxby prosecuting and Richard Barraclough QC and John O'Higgins defending) commences

The trial of Sarah Ripley - a 21 year old girl charged with murdering her partner, James Heddington, began on Monday at Canterbury Crown Court. It is expected to last 3-4 weeks. Oliver Saxby is prosecuting and Richard Barraclough QC and John O'Higgins are defending. To read more about the...

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