26 Jan 2021

Danny Moore secures acquittal of his client in £12 million money laundering trial

Danny Moore has secured the acquittal of his client in a £12 million money laundering trial. 

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07 Dec 2020

Danny Moore secures acquittal of Kieron Nicholson on trial for murder

Danny Moore has secured the acquittal of Kieron Nicholson following his trial for murder.

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30 Jun 2020

Covid murder trial underway - Oliver Saxby QC and Danny Moore defending

The trial of a 17-year old charged with murder is underway at Maidstone Crown Court.

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15 Jan 2020

County lines drugs murder case concludes

Four county lines drug dealers have been convicted in a case prosecuted by Richard Barraclough QC and Danny Moore.

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28 Jan 2019

Court of Appeal reduces sentences in case where serious physical harm to a newborn was caused or allowed by parents

The Court of Appeal last week allowed the appeal of two defendants represented by Richard Barraclough QC and Tanya Robinson for the one and Danny Moore for the other, against a sentence of 8 years imprisonment.

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06 Jul 2017

Baby death - Oliver Saxby QC and Danny Moore defend

The trial of Katherine Cox and Danny Shepherd began on Monday at Maidstone Crown Court before Mr Justice Stuart-Smith.

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01 Feb 2016

Oliver Saxby QC and Danny Moore to deliver CPS South East Sex Abuse Seminar

Oliver Saxby QC and Danny Moore are to give a seminar on the investigation, preparation and presentation of allegations of historical sexual abuse and sex trafficking to the RASSO unit of CPS South East. The seminar will take place on 11th February.

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30 Mar 2014

Medway murder trial enters third week

The jury in the 'Body in the Shop' case heard the allegedly staged 999 call made to the police by the accused Mershed Miah on Friday last week. Miah is being represented by Oliver Saxby QC and Danny Moore (instructed by Vymans Solicitors). This week, the Crown will be calling their pathologist...

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14 Mar 2014

Sheppey murder trial enters fourth week at Maidstone Crown Court

In the Sheppey murder case, the trial has entered its fourth week at Maidstone Crown Court. The main defendant is represented by Eleanor Laws QC and Danny Moore. The trial in R v Mark Terry & Others is expected to last 7 weeks. Click here for BBC News Report Click here for Local...

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03 Jun 2013

Oliver Saxby QC and Danny Moore (instructed by Vymans, Gravesend) begin their defence of Lee Webster at Maidstone Crown Court

The trial of Lee Webster began on 30th May at Maidstone Crown Court. Webster is charged with the unlawful killing of a man called Jason Wood. He is alleged to have placed a quantity of anti-depressant pills into Wood's beer, causing his death. The central issue will be the question of...

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