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29 May 2018

European Commission proposes new measures to tackle e-crime

In an article for Lexis PSL, Ian Whitehurst considers the new proposals set out by the European Commission designed to ‘curtail the space in which terrorists and criminals operate’.

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06 Feb 2018

Swatting conspiracy charges dropped

Ian Whitehurst instructed by Gary Broadfield at Cartwright King represented a young man accused of being part of a wide ranging online conspiracy involving participants around the globe.

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15 Jan 2018

Reduced financial penalty and costs in environmental prosecution

Ian Whitehurst represented a waste company that successfully appealed a prosecution brought by the Environment Agency.

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08 Jan 2018

Data breaches, vicarious liability of employers and the impact on the insurance industry

In this article, Ian Whitehurst discusses the likely effect that the recent Morrisons case will have on employers’ internal procedures as well as on their data protection and security measures.

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05 Jan 2018

Consumer rights and slow-running Apple software

Following the apology from Apple regarding the company’s admission of deliberately slowing down its software, Ian Whitehurst asks what will be the likely impact on consumers and their rights.

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06 Oct 2017

Investigatory Powers Act and the new oversight regime

In an article for Lexis PSL, Ian Whitehurst explains the role of the new commissioner and considers some of the potential implications of the new regime which oversees the use of investigatory powers by the authorities.

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16 Jun 2017

Ian Whitehurst provides seminar on new CFA to Merseyside Police

Ian Whitehurst will give a seminar to the Financial Crime Unit at Merseyside Police Head Quarters on the new provisions contained in the Criminal Finances Act 2017 on the 28th June 2017 as well as a general review of civil POCA powers.

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12 Jun 2017

Ian Whitehurst instructed to prosecute £1m corporate fraud

Ian Whitehurst has been instructed to prosecute as Leading Counsel a £1 million fraud linked to ongoing High Court civil proceedings concerning allegations of breach of fiduciary duties by a former managing director and theft by former employees.

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17 May 2017

Ian Whitehurst awarded police commendation for leading successful prosecution in drugs case

Ian Whitehurst has been awarded a Commendation from the Chief Constable of Merseyside for his role as Leading Counsel for the Prosecution in successfully prosecuting an organised crime group involved in the supply of approximately £2 million pounds worth of drugs. The organised crime group...

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16 May 2017

Successful advice to company leads to withdrawal of ICO criminal investigation

Ian Whitehurst instructed by Knocker Foskett, successfully advised a company in relation to a criminal investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in relation to possible data protection offences. The advice and strategical guidance provided by Ian and his team, led to the ICO...

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13 Feb 2017

Data Privacy and Brexit

In an interview with Lexis PSL, Ian Whitehurst assesses the impact that the forthcoming Brexit negotiations will have on data protection issues in the UK. He outlines the options available to the UK and asks whether Brexit could prove an opportunity to loosen data protection standards and introduce...

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20 Jan 2017

Ian Whitehurst appointed Disclosure Counsel by the SFO

Ian Whitehurst has been appointed as Disclosure Counsel by the Serious Fraud Office in a high profile and complex major case. Ian was appointed in December and the case is ongoing.  

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31 Oct 2016

Augmenting reality – avoiding criminal liability

In an article for Lexis PSL, Ian Whitehurst considers some of the potential criminal law issues surrounding the development of AR. He explains what it is and how it has been deployed through apps and technology, to track individual locations, record activity and modify versions of reality, recently...

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05 Oct 2016

Enabler Provisions of the Finance Act

Six Pump Court Chambers and STEP (IOM) Limited will be hosting a seminar for practitioners entitled "Enabler Provisions of the Finance Act" today. This seminar will provide an overview of the Finance Act 2016 and the Enabler Provisions relating to tax avoidance schemes and the civil liability to...

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05 Oct 2016

Planning, POCA and PFI - What You Need To Know

We are very sorry but this event has had to be cancelled. Six Pump Court Chambers and BDO (LLP) will present a Legal and Commercial Update Seminar entitled "Planning, POCA and PFI - What You Need To Know" this month in Manchester. The speakers include Ian Whitehurst, Giles Atkinson and Emmaline...

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03 Oct 2016

National Crime Agency Prosecution - Massive Drugs Conspiracy

Ian Whitehurst represented the main defendant in a National Crime Agency prosecution of an Organised Crime Group in the East Midlands which had links to Europe and South America. The defendant was involved in a conspiracy to supply 330 kilos of amphetamine and a conspiracy to launder in excess...

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29 Jul 2016

Removal of premises licence for business employing illegal worker

Ian Whitehurst, acting on behalf of a multi-agency investigation unit, has secured the removal of the premises licence for a business involved in employing an illegal worker. The retailer, based in Liverpool, had been targeted by Merseyside Police, Liverpool council and immigration services as...

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27 Jun 2016

Trademarks and Copyright Offences case brought by Local Authority

In a recent regulatory case, Ian Whitehurst represented a medium-size retailer in a prosecution brought by a trading standards department in relation to trade marks and copyright offences. The Local Authority sought a confiscation order against the director and the company in excess of...

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04 Feb 2016

Data Protection Day—enforcement of Corporate Crime

In a recent interview for Lexis PSL, Ian Whitehurst explains the area of corporate crime enforcement in light of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Click here to access the full-text of this interview This article was first published on Lexis®PSL Corporate...

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16 Jun 2015

POCA and Ancillary Relief Seminar

Ian Whitehurst and Jane Campbell are presenting a seminar entitled 'POCA and Ancillary Relief'. The seminar will focus on the issue of third party rights in confiscation, and the impact ancillary relief proceedings have on POCA. It will provide an overview of third party spousal rights in...

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27 Apr 2015

Ian Whitehust secures acquittal in conspiracy to convert criminal property case

Ian Whitehurst has secured the acquittal of a defendant after a 8 week trial at Burnley Crown Court. The defendant faced allegations of being involved in a conspiracy to convert criminal property relating to the sale of stolen plant machinery valued at £400,000. The prosecution case was that...

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17 Mar 2015

Ian Whitehurst instructed in £117 million confiscation case arising from large-scale drugs conspiracy

Ian Whitehurst has been instructed by the defence in a £117 million confiscation case arising from a large-scale drugs conspiracy. The confiscation case arises from a conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in the north west & south west of England. The defendant is a key defendant in the case...

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08 Dec 2014

Ian Whitehurst successfully represents defendant in confiscation proceedings

Ian Whitehurst has successfully represented a defendant in a Proceeds of Crime Act case. The defendant was charged with breaching a restraint order arising from an ongoing confiscation case involving her husband. She was accused of dissipating assets. Further to defence requests for disclosure...

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03 Dec 2014

Ian Whitehurst secures leave to appeal in a conviction of serious violent crime

Ian Whitehurst, instructed by Jonathan Wall of Burton Copeland has been granted permission to appeal against a conviction in a case of serious violent crime. The convictions related to a s.18 wounding and attempted robbery. Leave was granted on the basis that there were potential failures in...

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02 Dec 2014

Ian Whitehurst to present seminar on Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000

In a seminar to be held today at Burton Copeland in Manchester, Ian Whitehurst will present a seminar on Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 entitled 'Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act: The Use and Misuse of Powers to Stop and Search & Retain in the UK' . The Seminar, will examine the...

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