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27 Jan 2017

Gross Negligence Manslaughter Case: Simon Taylor Prosecutes, Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock Defend

Sentence took place on Thursday in the case of Michael Bowditch, a 21 year old man charged in connection with the death of a 17 year old, Becky Morgan. Simon Taylor was instructed by CPS SECCU. Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock were instructed by Tuckers Solicitors. Miss Morgan and Mr Bowditch...

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23 Jun 2015

Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock secure rape campaign acquittals

A 21 year old man with learning difficulties has been cleared of allegations of rape and attempted rape. D was alleged to have committed over 150 offences of rape and attempted rape against two family members. D was represented by Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock, instructed by Kent...

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23 Apr 2015

Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock secure attempted murder acquittal

A jury today acquitted Jordan Barringer of the offence of attempted murder after a 9-day trial. Barringer, a young man with serious learning difficulties who had the assistance of an intermediary at trial, was accused of trying to kill a pizza delivery driver who he had stabbed 6 times, 3 times to...

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10 Mar 2015

Acquittals in Kent Sex Trafficking Case

Following defence submissions led by Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock on behalf of the first defendant Roman Bodnar at the close of the Crown’s case, the jury were yesterday directed by the trial judge to acquit all five defendants on all charges. Bodnar had faced multiple allegations of rape,...

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26 Nov 2014

Defendant acquitted in prison mutiny trial

Peter Alcock has secured the acquittal of the first defendant, Peter Gaffney, at Blackfriars Crown Court after a month long trial of 11 defendants charged with Prison Mutiny. The incident, which took place at HMP High Down, was set against the background of transition to the new prison regime...

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09 Jun 2014

Murder Trial of Brian Sharp commences

Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock (instructed by Kent Defence) began their defence of Brian Sharp, a 55 year old man charged with murdering an acquaintance in Folkestone, today at Canterbury Crown Court. The trial is expected to last some three weeks.  

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17 Apr 2013

Nina Ellin and Peter Alcock successfully defend mother in child neglect case

Nina Ellin and Peter Alcock successfully defend a mother charged with neglecting her baby boy, who suffered severe head injuries and brain damage at the hands of his father. The case concluded at Guildford Crown Court on 9th April. The solicitors representing the defendant were BKRW...

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