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01 Oct 2020

Six Pump Court barristers recommended in eleven areas of law in the Legal 500 2021

Six Pump Court has been recommended in eleven areas of law in the Legal 500 2021 with 65 individual recommendations.

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07 Sep 2020

Stuart Jessop acts for Claimants in judicial review of Food Standards Agency decision

Stuart Jessop acted for the Claimants in a judicial review of the FSA's decision to suspend three slaughter-men’s certificate of competence pending criminal proceedings or the decision not to instigate such proceedings.

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04 Sep 2020

David Travers QC interviewed by BBC Radio 4's You & Yours consumer programme

David Travers QC appeared on BBC Radio 4’s flagship consumer programme You & Yours today discussing the problems some customers are having getting refunds for flights cancelled by British Airways.

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19 Aug 2020

Nicholas Ostrowski appointed to the Attorney General’s B Panel of Counsel

We are pleased to announce that Nicholas Ostrowski has been appointed to the Attorney General’s B Panel of Counsel.

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04 Aug 2020

David Travers QC named as Food Law Barrister of the Year by Corporate America Today

Corporate America Today has announced the winners of their 2020 Annual Awards.

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21 Jul 2020

Hindsight bias in health and safety

In an interview with Lexis Nexis, David Travers QC considers the impact of hindsight bias in health and safety cases, and what can be done to avoid it.

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15 Jul 2020

New book on Covid-19 and the law relating to food now available

This new book written by Ian Thomas examines the significant impact that Covid-19 has had on the food industry and food businesses and outlines the changing regulatory landscape.

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09 Jun 2020

NEW COVID-19 Guidance Tracker resource

The Covid-19 Guidance Tracker is our new resource to enable businesses and legal professionals to more easily navigate to the applicable Covid-19 guidance most relevant to their area of work.

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08 Jun 2020

Retailers and social distancing – what does the latest guidance say?

How does the 2 metre rule translate to retailers and what does the latest guidance say? In an article on our COVID-19 Blog Nicholas Ostrowski discusses the practical implications for retail operators.

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13 May 2020

Big fine for a small company for a failure to manage fatigue

Renown Railway Services were sentenced in a remote hearing at Nottingham Crown Court involving David Travers QC, leading Nick Ostrowski, for the ORR.

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23 Apr 2020

David Travers QC and Ian Thomas speaking at remote UK Food Law Conference next week

David Travers QC and Ian Thomas will be speaking at the UK Food Law Conference next week and discounted tickets are available.

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08 Apr 2020

Vicarious liability (and data protection): two cases

Morrisons, heard recently in the Supreme Court concerns vicarious liability for a rogue data controller. Together with another Supreme Court case, Barclays Bank, these two cases cover all the key issues.

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07 Apr 2020

Case management of confidentiality rings in competition cases

Confidentiality rings in competition cases have become an area of vigorous trench warfare.

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06 Apr 2020

Judgment in important food law prosecution concerning “use by” dates and European regulations

Richard Barraclough QC appeared for the prosecuting authority Birmingham City Council.

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27 Mar 2020

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020

Mark Watson QC and Mark Davies consider the new Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 and the impact on businesses.

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27 Mar 2020

First prosecution for failure of fatigue management in the rail industry

In a case which may have wide ranging implications for the use of contractors on the railway network David Travers QC, leading Nick Ostrowski, instructed by the Office of Rail & Road obtain guilty verdicts.

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19 Mar 2020

Birmingham City Council v Tesco Stores Limited - prosecution for selling food after expiry of "use by" date"

Judgment has been reserved in the case of Birmingham City Council v Tesco Stores Limited concerning “use by” dates and the relationship of European Regulation 1169/2011 Article 24 and Article 14 of Regulation 178/2002.

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19 Mar 2020

Supply of drugs and toxic substances - liability for manslaughter

Richard Barraclough QC and Gordon Menzies have written a paper discussing the impact of this case and the Court of Appeal judgment on drug supply cases.

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09 Mar 2020

Gross negligence manslaughter conviction in toxic slimming capsule case

The jury today found the defendant guilty of gross negligence manslaughter.

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12 Feb 2020

Trial in the toxic slimming capsule case

Richard Barraclough QC, leading Gordon Menzies has today opened for the Crown in the prosecution of Bernard Rebelo in his retrial for the manslaughter of Eloise Parry.

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07 Feb 2020

Climate change nuisance litigation: a potential US export

The emergence of climate change litigation as a species of common law nuisance claims has been a feature of the US legal system for some time.

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17 Jan 2020

Supply of DNP and manslaughter prosecutions: an update

Richard Barraclough QC has been asked to advise on a further prosecution following the death of a consumer who, having taken DNP died in distressing circumstances.

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15 Jan 2020

Climate change and nuisance law: II – the role of the local authority

Can the law of nuisance be used to obtain compensation for the consequences of climate change?

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18 Dec 2019

Mock Trial – Food Allergy Prosecution

Stuart Jessop will be acting in this mock sentencing hearing of a food allergy prosecution organised by Food Allergy Aware in associate with Blake Morgan LLP.

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10 Dec 2019

Climate change and nuisance law

Can the law of nuisance can be used as a restraint on the causes of climate change? This is the first in a series of briefings by Gordon Wignall.

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