24 Sep 2015

Eleanor Laws QC nominated for Crime Silk of the Year in 2015 UK Bar Awards

Eleanor Laws QC has been nominated for Crime Silk of the Year in both the Chambers UK Bar Awards and Legal 500 UK Bar Awards. The awards recognise the most outstanding achievements in the UK legal sector and are awarded annually based on the opinions of lawyers and research and interviews

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18 Sep 2015

Six Pump Court barristers shortlisted for awards in Chambers UK Bar Awards 2015

Six Pump Court Chambers barristers, Eleanor Laws QC, Mark Watson and Christopher Badger have been shortlisted for awards in Chambers UK Bar Awards. The nominations which were announced yesterday include:-   Crime: Silk of the Year - Eleanor Laws QC Environment/Planning: Junior of

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17 Sep 2015

Six Pump Court barristers recommended in twelve areas of law in the Legal 500 (2015)

Six Pump Court is recommended in twelve areas of law in the Legal 500 (2015) with 50 individual recommendations. This year there were twelve additional recommendations and, as well as existing set rankings, Chambers was also additionally ranked as a Set in Crime. The twelve areas of law members

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08 Sep 2015

Sentence in Old Bailey Sex Ring Trial

The six men convicted of various sex offences committed in the Aylesbury area from 2006-2010 were sentenced to a total of 82 and a half years today at the Old Bailey. They had been convicted in July following a lengthy trial at which the two complainants had given evidence live in court over the

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01 Sep 2015

Kristiina Reed to speak at the International Society of Forensic Genetics Congress

Kristiina Reed is to present a lecture entitled ‘Forensic DNA: Legal and Regulatory Landscapes’ during the Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Forensic Genetics workshop at the 26th Congress of the International Society of Forensic Genetics in Krakow, August 31st - September 5, 2015.The aims of

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27 Aug 2015

Oliver Saxby QC secures acquittals in ‘builder’ attempted murder trial

The jury yesterday acquitted Jenny Turrell of wounding with intent - she having earlier been cleared of attempted murder at the close of the Crown’s case. The Crown alleged that she and her co-defendant (and husband), Robert Symons, had attacked a man called Jeff King in the street, causing

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24 Aug 2015

Tom Dunn secures convictions in torture case

Tom Dunn has secured the conviction of Alando McNeish following a trial at Maidstone Crown Court on a charge of inflicting GBH with intent. The prosecution’s case was that Mr McNeish, along with three others, walked into the victim’s house uninvited and accused him of stealing from them.

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10 Aug 2015

The Liability of Hotel Operators in child abuse and exploitation cases

Richard Barraclough QC has written a paper which deals with the liability of hotel operators in areas where high levels of sexual exploitation of young people can lead to their misuse and their involvement in crimes against vulnerable people. In the article Richard Barraclough QC discusses the

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06 Aug 2015

Acquittal in Murder Trial of Drug Dealer

On 5th August the trial (which lasted almost two months) of Clive Mundoma came to an end with his acquittal for murder. The case involved a drugs deal which went wrong. The supplier was stabbed to death after he provided a smaller quantity of drugs than expected. The three defendants were

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05 Aug 2015

Latest Prosecution in Operation Pallial begins this week

Eleanor Laws QC and Catherine Donnelly will begin the latest prosecution for Operation Pallial this week. The case is listed for preliminary hearing on Friday. Gordon Anglesea is a retired detective superintendent who served with the North Wales Police. He is charged with the sexual abuse of

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31 Jul 2015

John FitzGerald represents defendant who set man on fire after building site dispute

John FitzGerald has represented a defendant who set a colleague on fire following a building site dispute. He was accused of causing grievous bodily harm with intent. The defendant, a family man with no history of offending whatsoever, lost his temper with another building site worker over a petty

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27 Jul 2015

Convictions in Old Bailey Sex Ring Trial

After over 40 hours’ deliberation the jury returned verdicts late on Friday in the major child sexual abuse trial being prosecuted by Oliver Saxby QC, leading Alan Blake from Thames Valley CPS and Patrick Duffy from 23 Essex Street. The trial had taken some 8 weeks or so and had been notable

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16 Jul 2015

Treatment of VAT in Confiscation Proceedings

In this article for the UKSC blog, Kristiina Reed reviews the case of R v Harvey, currently awaiting judgment in the Supreme Court. Her article discusses how the decision of the Supreme Court will determine the issue of whether VAT either paid or accounted for to HM Revenue and Customs should be

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14 Jul 2015

Genetic Predisposition to Paedophilia and Child Abuse: a case note

In his latest case note, Richard Barraclough QC writes on the issues of paedophilia and child abuse and specifically genetic and family influences. Richard Barraclough QC, who was leading Tanya Robinson for the defence in R v Mitchell, draws on the experiences of the case in which the defendant

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09 Jul 2015

Licensed Black Taxi Cabs and Mini Cabs and their treatment in major road redevelopment case

Richard Barraclough QC, as Leading Counsel for the London Taxi Drivers Association, has written a note summarising the main issues that were covered in this recent case dealing with the distinctions between black cabs and mini cabs and their treatment in a major redevelopment in the Tottenham Court

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08 Jul 2015

Retaining DNA and the Supreme Court case of Gaughran

In the lead article of this week’s Criminal Law & Justice Weekly, Kristiina Reed discusses the Supreme Court decision in Gaughran (Gaughran (Appellant) v Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (Respondent) (Northern Ireland) [2015] UKSC 29. The judgment of the court held

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08 Jul 2015

Oliver Saxby QC and Kieran Brand instructed in major sex abuse trial

Oliver Saxby QC and Kieran Brand have been instructed to represent James Carragher, a 74 year old man charged with offences of historic sexual abuse at Leeds Crown Court. Mr Carragher is alleged to have sexually abused numerous boys during his time as Head Teacher at the St.Williams Community

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01 Jul 2015

Six Pump Court shortlisted for two awards in the Halsbury Legal Awards 2015

Six Pump Court is delighted to be shortlisted for two awards in the Halsbury Legal Awards 2015. The shortlist, which was announced today includes two nominations for Six Pump Court. Chambers is shortlisted in the Chambers of the Year – London and also Chambers of the Year –

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25 Jun 2015

Acquittal in revenge murder case

Richard Barraclough QC and John O'Higgins, instructed by Lahiff & co, have secured an acquittal for the defendant in a revenge killing which involved the execution of a rival drug dealer in Woolwich. This was a three-defendant drugs gang related revenge killing in which the defendants were

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23 Jun 2015

Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock secure rape campaign acquittals

A 21 year old man with learning difficulties has been cleared of allegations of rape and attempted rape. D was alleged to have committed over 150 offences of rape and attempted rape against two family members. D was represented by Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock, instructed by Kent

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19 Jun 2015

Nina Ellin speaking at "Child and Adolescent Health and Wellbeing" symposium

Nina Ellin will be speaking at the "Child and Adolescent Health and Wellbeing" symposium held by the Public Policy Exchange on Wednesday 24th June 2015. The event will provide an opportunity for practitioners across the police, social services, health, education and third sector to examine the

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16 Jun 2015

POCA and Ancillary Relief Seminar

Ian Whitehurst and Jane Campbell are presenting a seminar entitled 'POCA and Ancillary Relief'. The seminar will focus on the issue of third party rights in confiscation, and the impact ancillary relief proceedings have on POCA. It will provide an overview of third party spousal rights in

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12 Jun 2015

Loan shark fails in appeal against confiscation proceedings

Richard Barraclough QC has successfully led the prosecution in the case of a loan shark who appealed against a confiscation order made against him for £177,000.00. He had argued that his assets and monies were not part of his money lending business and had been accrued by other means. Richard

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10 Jun 2015

Canterbury Crown Court - Open Day and Mock Trials

On Saturday 13th June barristers from Six Pump Court will be participating in mock trials as part of the Open Day at Canterbury’s Combined Court Centre. Members of the public will be able to view the Court and the mock trials which will be taking place throughout the morning (from 10am –

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29 May 2015

Old Bailey Grooming Trial Continues

The trial of 11 men charged with sex exploitation offences in the Aylesbury area has reached the end of its second week. The first complainant gave evidence-in-chief - in open court, with screens and the assistance of a registered intermediary - over the course of 5 days; and cross-examination is

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