COVID-19: Guidance Tracker


10 Jul 2020

Continuity of Service – Update


Functioning of Chambers

During lockdown, Chambers’ premises at Six Pump Court are closed to visitors and unoccupied. However Chambers remains fully functional. Members of Chambers continue to practise to the fullest extent possible from their homes by virtual conferences and hearings via telephone and the various video meeting hosts (including Skype for Business, Zoom and Microsoft Teams). All members enjoy access to comprehensive online resources and accept electronic delivery of paperless instructions. Many also have substantial home libraries. Some have significant expertise in the compilation of paperless bundles for hearings.

Making Contact with Chambers

Chambers’ Clerks can be contacted:

(1) on the main Chambers’ number 020 797 8400;

(2) on their individual direct dial numbers, which can be found here;

(3) by e-mail at their usual addresses.

Individual members remain available to be contacted as always to discuss both ongoing cases and informal enquiries. They can be reached:

(1) via the Clerks;

(2) by e-mail at their usual addresses;

(3) on their individual numbers where provided.


Please avoid using the post/DX and contact us via telephone or email to discuss alternative arrangements. All post arriving at Chambers is automatically forwarded to the home of the Senior Clerk for distribution. Where necessary we can receive instructions via a secure file transfer link by ShareFile, Dropbox or other similar methods.

Payment of Fees

Please wherever possible use BACS instead of cheques for payment of fees. Co-ordinates of the accounts of individual members may be obtained from the Clerks or payments may be made to the Chambers Centralised Account, of which details may again be obtained from the Clerks.


Over the next few weeks we will be working towards staying safe and supporting each other through this.