01 Feb 2022

Richard Barraclough QC defends in murder cases

In R v Fullard, the defendant was charged with attempted murder and firearms offences. He was alleged to have been the driver of a car which ambushed that of rivals. One of the occupants pulled out a sawn off shotgun and fired at the occupants of the other car blowing a large hole in it. The shot was within millimetres of striking the victim. The defendant was charged after he was identified by three witnesses, two of whom were independent of the victims. One was a magistrate.

Click here for BBC News Report of the case.

Richard Barraclough QC has now moved on to Sheffield Crown Court in R v Atif where he defends in a case involving the murder by shooting of a local Solicitor. The case involves psychological and learning disabilities and their impact on joint enterprise murder.

Click here for BBC News Report of the case.