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18 Aug 2014

Tom Dunn secures the acquittal of James Woodland  in knife point  rape case following  6 day trial at Canterbury Crown Court

Tom Dunn, instructed by Bond Joseph, has secured the acquittal of James Woodland on three counts of raping his ex partner during their 16 month relationship. 

In December 2013, in what the prosecution described as a terrifying ordeal,  the Complainant was repeatedly assaulted, and cut with a knife, before fleeing Mr Woodland’s house in her underwear. It was alleged that Mr Woodland then dragged her back to his house by her hair, kicked and punched her, and then strangled her until she lost consciousness. It was then alleged that Mr Woodland raped the Complainant twice.

The prosecution also alleged that a similar incident had occurred earlier in the year. Mr Woodland pleaded guilty to two counts of false imprisonment, ABH and threats to kill arising out of these incidents but denied that he was guilty of rape on either occasion, saying that the sex that had taken place was consensual. 

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