Chambers has a number of practitioners who have experience in arbitration, both as arbitrator and as counsel, as well as members who have significant experience in areas which are increasingly the subject of arbitration.

The move towards alternative dispute resolution in recent years has made arbitration an attractive and cost-efficient way of resolving disputes. The field of international arbitration is increasing with a particular need for arbitrators experienced in the law of England which regulates many international contracts. In the domestic field, the opportunity to resolve disputes confidentially and by a procedure more suited to the needs of the parties has never been greater.

In the field of international arbitration, Six Pump Court is a member of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) and several members are listed as Panel Members. Members of Chambers are also members of the LCIA and ICCA. Members have experience of sitting as arbitrators in international dispute concerning share purchase agreements, oil and gas.

In relation to domestic arbitration, its benefits are increasingly apparent. The parties have the opportunity to appoint an individual arbitrator or panel with expertise related to the subject of their dispute. The parties have direct control over the progress of the case in consultation with the arbitrator(s) and can agree procedures and dates which were convenient for all and reasonably swift rather than relying on the uncertainties of court procedure and listing. The evidence is heard and an award made in private and available only to the parties and their advisers. The parties receive a reasoned award (in much the same form as a court judgment).

Six Pump Court has members of all levels of seniority who can fulfil the role of both arbitrator and counsel before an arbitration. As well as the particular experience if arbitration which these members have, members of Chambers have experience in fields where arbitration is increasingly used.