Civil & Commercial Law

Chambers’ broad common law background has led to the development of a highly experienced civil and commercial team that provide a range of services in all commercial matters. These include in particular, contract and commercial agreements, companies and partnerships, insolvency, sale of goods and services, landlord and tenant, intellectual property and probate.

Members at Six Pump Court seek to provide a fully comprehensive service including pre-action advice, emergency remedies, continuing throughout proceedings leading to judgement, costs issues, assessment proceedings and enforcement of judgement.

Whether the client’s requirements relate to a highly complex dispute involving substantial sums with a cross territorial element or whether they concern a straightforward contractual dispute or debt recovery, chambers will be able to provide the appropriate level of advice, assistance and advocacy.

As part of the team’s commitment to providing value it recognises the need to give prompt and, above all, practical advice to the commercial clients seeking its services.


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Companies & Partnerships

Contract & Commercial agreements



Intellectual Property

Landlord & Tenant



Sale of Goods and Services