Driving Offences

Members of the Six Pump Court Criminal Team have extensive experience in the area of road traffic law. Members were directly involved in the guideline case in respect of requirements for notice of intended prosecution in certain driving cases in R v Currie (2007) 2 Cr App R 246.  But their expertise extends across the broad spectrum of ‘driving law’. This is an area where loss of life can occur and the consequences for both the driver and the deceased’s family can be devastating. Even in cases where loss of life does not occur, the loss of a driving licence can, in some cases, lead to loss of employment and real hardship.

The Six Pump Court Criminal Team are adept at navigating the sensitivities and challenges that these cases often bring, and always alert to identify and develop arguments of benefit to their clients in what can be a technical area.


Recent cases of note include:

  •  Maxted (non-insane automatism as a result of hyperglycemic attack in the context of a death by dangerous driving prosecution)
  • Stanko (death by dangerous driving case in which defendant was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, thought to be the longest ever sentence passed for this offence)
  • Parker (taxi driver accused of causing death by careless driving having collided with a stationary car in the fast lane of motorway)