From MTIC to VAT, from ‘factory’ to ‘virtual’, fraud cases require a particular attention to detail allied to a real aptitude in case management and presentation. Members of the Six Pump Court Criminal Team have a wealth of experience in this area and a thorough understanding of the demands such cases involve, including the importance of sound pre-charge advice and dedicated pre-trial preparation and presentation. Their experience covers both the orthodox financial fraud and more discrete areas such as election fraud (e.g. the case of Sultan) and consumer fraud (Rankine).


Recent cases of note include:

  • Operation Forbear (a £33 million MTIC contra trading fraud based partly in Dubai).
  • Nawaz and others (an FBI led investigation into the defrauding of banks in multiple jurisdictions culminating in approximately 60 arrests worldwide), Patel and others (a £350 million VAT fraud involving 15 defendants in a sophisticated carousel operation).
  • Operation Savate (a large scale tax and vat fraud relating to the construction industry and the misuse of the CIS scheme).
  • Place and others (the ‘Master of the Universe’ cross-jurisdictional credit fraud involving over half a million pages of used material).
  • R v Rankine/Creditcardkiller involved the prosecution of a company and individuals who were involved in a large scale professionally run illegal “debt sale” business to which credence had been given by the BBC programme “Panorama”. The criminal proceedings for fraud and under the Consumer Protection legislation was run concurrently with civil proceedings under the Enterprise Act 2002.