Sexual Offences

Our criminal law barristers are pre-eminent in the defence and prosecution of sexual crime. The Team has a vast amount of experience and expertise in all manner of cases involving sexual allegations. Requiring as it does both tenacity and sensitivity, members stand head and shoulders above the rest. Chambers has a tradition of producing experts in this field. It is important that all those who practice in this area are mentored and totally up to date in the ever-changing law in this field. As a result Team members regularly provide lectures for the Bar (Criminal Bar Association, South East Circuit) and Solicitors on topics dealing with the preparation of cases, vulnerable witnesses and defendants.

Members of the Team have published articles upon issues relating to sexual allegations, have been responsible for authoritative texts on the subject and are regularly asked to comment in the media upon recent cases in this area. In addition members of the Team are asked to advise agencies on the effectiveness of current legislation and issues relating to the trial process.

Chambers are frequently engaged in pre-interview and pre-charge advising, to representation at trial and on appeal (where necessary).

Members of the Team have also been instructed in high profile cases (involving the prosecution of Chris Langham, and Michael Le Vell), landmark cases (including R v Millberry [2003] 2 Cr.App.R.(S) 31 (on sentencing) and R v F [2013] EWCA Crim 424  (on competency hearings) and highly sensitive cases (including R v A, a sensitive multiple rape case which involved an application to adduce significant fresh evidence in the Court of Appeal).


‘Historic’ Allegations

Our criminal law barristers boast a breadth of experience covering all aspects of non recent sexual offences, from involvement in two of the most significant inquiries of recent times (into the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey and into abuse in children’s homes in North Wales), the historic “reign of terror” at the hands of the chaplain to the St John’s Roman Catholic School for the Deaf in West Yorkshire after the Church failed to disclose his previous convictions for abuse before appointing him (Gallaghan)  to multi-complainant, familial cross generational abuse dating back decades .

Notable recent cases include R v B (defendant acquitted of 40 year-old serious sexual allegations after legal argument that the indictment be stayed), R v PM (Boarding School head master acquitted of serious sexual offences against four former pupils), R v A (former police sergeant acquitted of historical sexual offences against step-daughter) and R v A (father acquitted of historical sexual abuse committed against four children of the family over a prolonged period).


Allegations against Professionals

Members of the Team are frequently engaged in cases in which professionals have been charged with sexual offences. From teachers both in the criminal courts and before their professional body to GPs, from police officers to local councillors, the Team has substantial experience in cases involving the added pressure of the professional defendant. Members of Chambers sit on the General Medical and Dental Councils as Legal Assessors.

Notable recent cases include the successful defence of a US investment banker (charged with attempted rape and sexual assault), and the celebrity masseuse Daniel Pytlarz (charged with 21 counts of sexual assault upon 18 women) and a teacher who was acquitted of sexually abusing a pupil.


Sex-Trafficking and Slavery

Cases involving multiple defendants and complainants throw up particular issues on third party disclosure, bad character and cross-admissibility. Members of the Team have substantial expertise in such cases. Practitioners in this area are all ATC trained and have attended additional CBA training.

Notable recent cases include the much publicised Jamil and others, the Oxford Sex Ring case. Jamil was one of just two defendants acquitted of all offences.