Regulatory List Counsel

Six Pump Court has seventeen members on the Regulatory List of Counsel used by the Health & Safety Executive, the Office of Rail Regulation and the Environment Agency – more than any other chambers.

Please find below a list of members of Six Pump Court who are on the official Regulatory Lists.

List of Specialist Regulatory Advocates in Health and Safety and Environmental Law

 A List:

Megan Thomas QC

Mark Harris

Pascal Bates

Gordon Menzies

Richard Banwell

Christopher Badger

David Hercock

Stuart Jessop

B List:

Ian Thomas

Nina Ellin

Peter Alcock

Tom Dunn

Ian Rees Phillips

Nicholas Ostrowski

C List:

Natasha Hausdorff

Mark Davies

The Regulatory List is not open to Queen’s Counsel (who are selected on a case by case basis when required by HSE, ORR and EA).  However, many of the Queen’s Counsel at Six Pump Court were, whilst still juniors, on various of the Attorney-General’s lists of junior counsel which preceded the establishment of the Regulatory List and all still accept instructions to prosecute as well as to defend.