Public Access

The public access scheme allows members of the public to instruct a barrister directly. In the past it had been necessary for clients to use a solicitor or other third party in order to instruct a barrister. The process, which has been operating since 2004, can, where appropriate, save an individual considerable financial and administrative expense. This process is referred to as “Direct Access” or “Public Access”.

You can access a barrister in all of our practice areas. Please see below for a list of those Barristers at 6 Pump Court qualified to accept direct instructions.


Advantages of instructing our barristers direct

By instructing barristers at Six Pump Court you can be assured of high quality advice and advocacy. Consistently ranked highly by the Legal Directories such as Chambers UK and the Legal 500, our barristers are highly experienced and uniquely qualified to offer a specialist and expert service in their areas of expertise.

By instructing direct, clients can have access to a more economical and accessible service. There are significant cost savings to be made by instructing a barrister direct rather than going through a solicitor or other legal intermediary. Furthermore, by having the direct contact with the barrister, clients have the opportunity to achieve more control and involvement in their case.


Which areas of law are suitable for direct access?

Barristers are licensed under the direct access scheme across all of our Areas of Expertise. To check whether a particular barrister is qualified, visit their profile page on our website or contact the Clerks.


Is my case suitable under the Public Access scheme?

If you are unsure as to whether your case is suitable, you can contact the clerks at Six Pump Court to discuss further.

You can also visit the Bar Standards Board website which has a useful document outlining the scheme for clients. To access this click here


How do I instruct a barrister at Six Pump Court?

If you would like to get in touch to instruct a barrister or to enquire as to whether your case is suitable under the public access scheme, you can contact our clerks on 020 7797 8400 or email us – see clerk contact email addresses here

Barristers at Six Pump Court Chambers that are qualified to accept direct instructions are:-

Stephen Hockman QC
Richard Barraclough QC
Oliver Saxby QC
William Upton QC
Grant Armstrong
Anne Williams
Nicholas Baldock
Caroline Topping
Gordon Wignall
Megan Thomas
Ian Thomas
Danny Moore
Pascal Bates
Ian Whitehurst
Peter Alcock
Mark Beard
Catherine Donnelly
Tanya Robinson
Simon Taylor
Gordon Menzies
David Hercock
Giles Atkinson
Stuart Jessop
Grace Cullen
Isabella Crowdy
Kieran Brand
Ian Rees Phillips
Nicholas Ostrowski
Laura Phillips
Frances Lawson


Further details on the rules and the direct access scheme are available on the Bar Standards Board website